To forward our goal, HOPE Leadership Academy creates weekly 'HOPE Sets' (or Sessions). HOPE Sets are safe spaces on-campus where youth find community and learn to pursue God through four human needs of Meaningfulness: Identity, Values, Efficacy and Purpose.


During HOPE Sets, youth engage in lectures, Socratic discussions and youth-lead campus service projects. HOPE Sets range from 45-90 minutes and take place during an elective period within the school day. Between HOPE Sets, HOPE mentors and peer-to-peer accountability partners are readily available to further support individual youth development.


Meaningfulness Measures:

  •  Identity – how deeply youth understand God's love and who He uniquely created them to be as a result.

  • Values – how deeply youth apply a reliable, stable, sure set of truths when determining right from wrong.

  • Efficacy – how intentional youth become in extending acts of kindness toward others.

  • Purpose – how deeply youth understand God's love and what He uniquely created them to do as a result. 

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