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The essence of Meaningfulness is human connection. Meaningfulness can link two things even if they are physically separate such as belonging to the same school, pursuing different goals the same way, or pursing a common goal in different ways. The connection between the two things is not part of their physical makeup. Therefore, Meaningfulness is a nonphysical reality; however, it is extremely real in that it has genuine effect on spiritual, mental, social and emotional wellbeing even though it cannot be reduced to physical principles.


Meaningfulness is the belief that life's true meaning is rooted in 4 human needs: PURPOSE – understanding God's unique plan for our individual lives; VALUES – enables us to decide what is right or wrong; EFFICACY – the belief we can make a difference in the lives of others and; IDENTITY – Christ-centered self-perception with belief we are worthy of His love, care and compassion toward us.


These needs constitute four patterns of motivation and the inherent desire for positive human connection. For youth and adults alike, the pursuit of Meaningfulness allows us to internalize who we are and how we best serve those in the world around us. Those who satisfy all four needs of Meaningfulness achieve true meaning in life.